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WM1 Waist Belt blue

R3 Backpack black

WR1 olive green

Thermal phone case

R8 Backpack orange

WB1 Running Belt yellow


We have shifted the weight from your back to your hips - you're welcome!

Our lightweight, ergonomic backpacks have a unique carrying system with smart, adjustable hip and shoulder straps that give your upper body full freedom of movement, without pressure nor friction. 100% of the weight is carried on your hips.
What else is unique about Coxa?

What the athletes say about our products

“The R3 Backpack's fit and comfort are "one of a kind". Fits like a glove and at the same time you get to carry the most necessary things with it - a must-have.”
Andreas Nygaard
Team Ragde Charge
“The Coxa R3 is the backpack I prefer when I'm out skiing, cycling or during other activities. When you try it you will understand why.”
Øystein Pettersen
Olympic Champion
“I especially enjoy the WR1 Waist belt, the flashing LED light is great for visibility! And the belt is comfortable to wear, with room for extra bars and a phone. "
Runar Skaug Mathisen
Lager 157 Ski Team
"With Coxa's WR1 Waist belt I can drink enough during a race; you have the opportunity to drink when the going is fun and use the downhills to rehydrate, it's worth it! "
Astrid Øyre Slind
Team Aker Dæhlie
“The WR1 Waist belt is very smooth and easy with the velcro opening/buckle. The new R3 Backpack is slim and fits perfectly on the body and has no weight on the shoulders so you have free movement. The WB1 Running belt is the perfect size, you can carry a small amount of liquid, your phone and keys without it bulging on your waist so much.”
Emil Persson
Lager 157 Ski Team
“I use Coxa Carry's products during long training sessions and demanding competitions. They fit perfectly on my hips and I don't have any pressure across my chest. I get fluids, energy and extra equipment with me. That, and the LED lamp, make long workouts safer and more comfortable."
Nellie Larsson
Swedish National Champion XC Marathon
"The best thing about using the WM1 belt for training is that you hardly notice that you have it on. Several times in training I have seen other athletes put away their drinking belts because it becomes tiring to wear. That's never your problem with Coxa! In addition, it's easy to clean the soft bottle after training, which is an important way to stay healthy. I use WR1 on long trips of 3h+ then I have room for even more drink and food.”
Amund Korsæth
Team Aker Dæhlie
“Coxa's waist belts are the most comfortable and functional belts on the market. In ski racing, the belts have become an important part of the race for Team Ragde Charge.”
Anders Aukland
Team Ragde Charge


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