Why Coxa?

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What is unique about Coxa? 

Well, we always design and develop our range with the aim to offer the best products that are on the market today, tomorrow and into the future.

Our backpacks have a patented carrying system, which allows the user to feel the freedom in the upper part of the body, no weight on the shoulders or back and increased mobility, with less risk of chafing.  

The design of the backpacks allows the weight to be balanced on the hips, which gives the user comfort and a sense of weightlessness. We have removed the buckles to increase comfort, but also for safety reasons, in case of a fall or an accident.
When we design a new product, the team discusses the product with a clear “Why?”. Then our designers draw sketches, the sewing machine starts its work and we begin the process. 

Once we are happy with the prototype, we give it to our athletes. It’s then time for them to put each and every one of our products to the test and get back to us with feedback and insight. 

We keep evolving the product until we have a final sample that everybody on the team is confident is our best. By this stage, we know that we have the best proven and tested product to present to the market.

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