Coxa x MTB

Discover the perfect gear for your next MTB or gravel biking adventure with Coxa’s ergonomic backpacks and waist belts. 
Experience a bounce-free and comfortable fit that stays securely in place even during challenging rides. Our breathable mesh fabric prevents sweating and discomfort, while the velcro opening and secure storage options make accessing your belongings effortless. The stretch material ensures a comfortable fit, and weight distribution on your hips makes navigating through tough terrains easier.
Get ready to take on any challenge with Coxa’s ergonomic backpacks and waist belts. Order now and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

WR1 Waist Belt black

WR1 Waist Belt orange

WR1 Waist Belt green

R8 Hydration Backpack orange

R3 Hydration Backpack black

R3 Hydration Backpack orange

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