Our Story

Coxa Carry is a sports tech company that creates premium hydration backpacks, waist belts, hydration bladders, accessories for runners, skiers, bikers, and other endurance athletes. Our products are designed to optimize your performance and are developed, tested, and recommended by world-class athletes who understand the demands of these sports. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure that our products help you reach your full potential. At Coxa Carry, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best endurance products to help you achieve your goals. It all started in 1968, Claes Bergkvist, a young scout on a hike, faced a problem with his backpack. It limited his movement, caused severe chafing, and tired his shoulders. This frustrating experience ignited a desire in him to create a backpack that would have no negative impact on the body. However, the solution to this challenge wasn’t found until 2008, during a mountain hike in Italy. Claes purchased a sewing machine and began developing the first prototypes in his basement. He eventually created a carrying system that transferred all weight from the shoulders to the hips, enabling complete movement without unnecessary chafing or pressure on the shoulders and back.

In 2012, Coxa Carry AB was founded with the goal of designing a world-class backpack. Coxa partnered with AB Germa, Duraflex, and industrial designer Jonas Blanking to develop a complete range of backpack products, including hydration bladders and accessories, that were designed to improve user comfort and performance. Coxa closely collaborated with elite athletes, involving them in the early stages of product development to redefine and test the products until everyone was satisfied with the final result.

Coxa is a Latin word that translates to “hip” in English. It is the anatomical name for the large bone structure that sits in the pelvis and is part of the lower extremity skeleton. The coxa comprises various parts, including the hip joint, femur bone, and the greater trochanter.

The term “Coxa” is also used in medicine to describe the muscles and soft tissue that surround the hip joint. These muscles include the hip flexors, hip extensors, and hip abductors. Strengthening these muscles can help improve balance, reduce the risk of injury, and increase flexibility in the hips, which is crucial for maintaining good posture and mobility in the hip joint.

Managed by a diverse team with extensive experience, Coxa has a passionate and knowledgeable community consisting of startup innovation companies, consumer product experts, and athletes. They have all experienced the “wow” moment when wearing the Coxa backpack and feeling weightless, providing a sense of freedom. Coxa hopes that everyone can enjoy this feeling and is committed to creating products that enable people to live a comfortable and active lifestyle.


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