What is unique about Coxa Carry?

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At Coxa, we don’t settle for second best. We strive to design and develop backpacks that are not only the best on the market today but also for tomorrow and beyond. Our patented carrying system is a game-changer that allows for complete freedom in the upper body, zero weight on the shoulders or back, and increased mobility without the risk of chafing.

We have removed all buckles to enhance both comfort and safety, making our backpacks the ideal choice for those who live an active lifestyle. Plus, all of our backpacks and waist belts come with a USB-charged LED lamp, ensuring maximum visibility and safety.

The process of designing a new product begins with our team asking themselves, “Why?” From there, our talented designers get to work, sketching out concepts and ideas that lead to the creation of a prototype.

Our athletes then take the backpacks out for a spin, putting them through their paces and providing us with valuable feedback. We continue to evolve and refine our products until everyone on the team is happy with the final result.

At Coxa, we take pride in offering a truly great product that delivers on its promises.

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